How to explain our prices?

The components used for manufacture a kaftan are relatively expensive. Our fabrics are imported from Italy, Switzerland and France, as well as other countries. Our creations are adorned with precious stones including Swarovski & Preciosa. The work is artisanal, so handmade. The  sfifa, the perlage, brams, embroideries and belts are manufactured items by different people one after the other. Each has a well-defined know-how. There is also research work, creation and of merchandising to present the items to you in the best possible conditions. To this must be added transport and the various mandatory taxes. We also strive to provide you with the best possible service so that you are reassured and safe throughout your order. Our transparency is a pledge of guarantee and it is what makes our brand last.
* In order to fully support you, we offer payment facilities.

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"Le caftan est une expression de la culture marocaine, un héritage riche et diversifié"

Bouchra Filali